Verification and certification of Social responsible, economic Transparent and fair agriculture practices.
Corporate Social Responsibility
There is an increasing need by consumers and some companies to work only with suppliers who are engaged in a fair, responsible, social and economically manner with farmers and their communities.
This program insures that Cooperatives, farmers and their families benefit from their produces and that they are not out by middlemen.
Premiums are giving to responsible agriculture practices.
Eyelander carries out audits to verify the whole supply chain to make sure every party plays its roll.


 The audit and verification covers the following aspects of the supply chain:

  1. - Economic fairness and transparency (fair prices paid to farmers and cooperatives)
  2. - Social responsibility (security, gender equity, protection of minor from working, access to education and health)
  3. - Environmental preservation (protection of the Ecosystem of flora and Faun)

We audit and carry out full and thorough verification though the supply chain for these programs.


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