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Eyelander Foundation was created by created by Cassandre Lindahl, Josephine Lindahl and Lotta Calla in 2008. During the political unrest in Cote d’Ivoire, our first Save home in Duekoué was brunt down to the ground.

We are now rebuilding another Save Home for the children of the cocoa community in Duekoué. The rebuilding of this home would not have been possible without our client Ferrero. With the earning from our services to Ferrero we are able to fund and rebuild the children’s Save Home and have it ready in the next months to come.


By choosing Eyelander as their partner for their services, Ferrero is contributing tremendously to a better life for the Children in cocoa.
Our goal is to have at least one Save home in each cocoa rich town in Cote D’ivoire.
The foundation was created to help homeless children and children taken from neighbouring countries to work on cocoa farms in the cocoa rich regions of Cote d’Ivoire.

Children working on farms have no safe place to go even if they are able to leave the farms.
The farms are very far away from main villages and towns.
Eyelander Foundation will provide a temporary safe home for homeless children in the cocoa rich regions of Cote d’Ivoire. The safe shelters are located in areas which are easily accessible for these children.
When children arrive they are taken to local authorities and social service to be registered and have a case file opened for them.
In the safe shelter home, children receive 3 meals a day, shelter and safe and secure accommodation. They are engaged in recreational and basic education activities. The government authorities and other welfare organizations are informed about the children and their background.
These children are than provided with support from governmental and international organizations like the IMO, Red Cross, Save the Children who have permanent programs for taking them back to their native country and their families or placing them in permanent safe homes.

Official website Ferrero :
Social Responsability :

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Over 40% of the world’s cocoa, the primary ingredient in chocolate comes from the West African nation of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).
Though Cote d’Ivoire is the world’s leading producer of cocoa, the farmers and their families live in misery.
Their communities are without clean drinking water, without schools for their children, without health facilities and lack basic infrastructures.


Corporate Social Responsibility is not only about investing in Social projects, in Certification and donations to NGOs.
Corporate Social Responsibility also means working with companies who are Socially responsible and who are committed to sustainable social and agriculture practices.
Companies who work with Eyelander don’t only get the best services, they also contribute to our Social Projects.
Eyelander uses part of its profit to invest in Eyelander Foundation.
By working with us, you get the best quality and you give a better life to children in the cocoa communities

For Eyelander, best quality is also better life.
Further information and details about our work can be accessed on the Eyelander Foundation page.

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childrens help

You can sponsor this program by sending toys, clothes, pencils, water paints, paper, bed sheets, plastic dishes, pots and other utensils and donate money to help run these safe shelters.

Please contact Ann Charlotte Calla at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Information will be consistently updated and can be regularly accessed on our website.


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